About Us

EnfraGen first established a business development office in Panama in 2011 and began operations in 2017 through the acquisition of three run-of- river hydro plants in Panama, which have 30 megawatts of capacity. In 2023, we added six additional plants including 119 MW of run-of-river hydro plants and 19.7 MW of solar in Panama and a 49.5 MW wind farm in Costa Rica, thus increasing our total installed capacity in Central America to 218 megawatts.

Our Business

EnfraGen Central America’s plants in Panama are run-of-river hydroelectric plants and solar PV plants, both of which are proven, reliable and cost-effective renewable energy generation technologies.  Our hydroelectric plants are located in one of the wettest regions in Panama, which is favorable for hydropower generation.  In Costa Rica, the wind plant is located in the Guanacaste region which offers favorable year-round winds for power generation and thus provides a reliable source for renewable energy for the country.


Installed capacity: 10 MW

Concepcion is a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant located along the Piedra River in the Chiriquí Province in Panama.  It is composed of two horizontal axis units, each with a 5 MW installed capacity.

Las Perlas Norte

Installed Capacity: 10 MW

Las Perlas Norte is a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant located along the Piedra River in the Chiriquí Province in Panama.  It is composed of two horizontal axis units, each with a 5 MW installed capacity.

Las Perlas Sur

Installed Capacity: 10 MW

Las Perlas Sur is a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant located along the Piedra River in the Chiriquí Province in Panama.  It is composed of two horizontal axis units, each with a 5 MW installed capacity.


Installed capacity: 25 MW

Gualaca is a run of the river plant on the Estí River, with 2 horizontal Kaplan turbines of 12.5 MW each.


Installed capacity: 33 MW

Lorena uses the discharge water from Gualaca hydro power plant and has 2 horizontal Kaplan turbines, which generate 16.5 MW each


Installed capacity: 60 MW

Prudencia uses water from the discharge of Lorena as well as the Cochea and Papayal rivers. It has two 30 MW vertical Kaplan turbines

Prudencia Solar

Installed Capacity: 9.7 MW

Prudencia Solar is a PV plant using 25,747 solar panels, located next to Prudencia Hydroelectric Plant

Divisa Solar

Installed capacity: 9.9 MW

Divisa is a PV plant, with approximately 33,000 solar panels.

Guanacaste Wind Farm

Installed capacity: 49.5 MW

Guanacaste has 55 900-KW wind generators. It was the first wind Build, Operate, and Transfer Agreement (BOT) in Costa Rica.


Jim Pontiff

Executive Vice President, General Manager

Mr. Pontiff serves as EnfraGen’s Executive Vice President and General Manager and serves as CEO of EnfraGen Central America. He has over 35 years of energy sector experience in the U.S., Latin America and Africa including several executive roles within Latin American subsidiaries of Duke Energy Corporation, CFO and VP of Business Development for Maple Energy plc, and Deputy General Manager and CFO for an African subsidiary of Hess Corporation. He earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting degree from Louisiana State University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas.

Elmar Ruecker

Vice President

Mr. Ruecker has been working within affiliates of the company since 2016. Elmar has more than 16 years of experience in project management and evaluation of renewable energy projects in Europe and Latin America with a focus on developing and evaluating hydropower projects. While at Fontin & Co. he led the coordination of several projects throughout the project lifecycle including greenfield development, operations and refurbishment of assets totaling 34 MW across 25 assets. Prior to Fontin, Elmar held several positions for a German bank in the SME and start-up finance industry. He holds a Master degree in economics from the University of Bonn, Germany.

Maria Karina Pinzon

Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager

Mrs. Pinzon serves as the Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager for EnfraGen Central America. She is an attorney with over 20 years of practice in Panama and her career path includes work in local law firms as well as in the public sector occupying roles such as attorney and counselor to the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Legal Director of the Ministry of Public Works. In the electric sector, she previously held the role of Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs for Celsia Central America. She has served as representative of the local generation companies in the National Commission of Energy Transition and has led the WEC´s electric mobility committee as well as the energy committee of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives. She earned a Bachelor degree in law from the University of Panama and one in Latin American Studies form Florida State University as well as a law master’s degree from Georgetown University and another dual master’s degree form Tulane and Francisco Marroquin Universities.

Jorge Dengo Garrón

Commercial, Business Development and Regulatory Manager

Jorge Dengo Garrón serves as Commercial, Business Development and Regulatory Manager for EnfraGen Central America. He has over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, having worked in managerial and executive positions for several multinational companies in Latin America. Roles have included Asset Manager and Business Development for Enel Green Power, Vice President of Asset Management for Econergy International, Country Manager and Director of Project Management for Suez Energy International (now Engie), and Business Development and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Celsia in Central America. Jorge has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s of Mechanical Engineering degress from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and an Executive MBA from INCAE.

Tania Mabel Aponte

Human Resources and Administration Manager

Mrs. Aponte has over 20 years of experience in the areas of human talent, administration and technology. She holds a degree in computer system engineering, a postgraduate degree in IT management and a master’s degree in human resources. She has also completed studies in Human Talent Senior Management at the EAFIT University, as well as Leadership at UC Berkeley Executive Education and at Harvard Manager Mentor. She actively participates in diversity and inclusion committees and programs of the Ministry of Labor, the United Nations Development Programme, the Technological University of Panama and the World Energy Council.


A strong social commitment to the community

The company focuses its corporate social responsibility plan around its stakeholders, seeking to create trust, add value and contribute to the sustainable development and the quality of life of the communities where their plants are located and of society in general. Our programs are centered around cultural and environmental awareness and healthy living.


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